Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bounce U Open Bounce, Chesterfield

Location: 17365 Edison Ave, Chesterfield, MO 63005 (South County has a location also)


This place is exactly like Pump It Up. Here is how it works- you need to call them to make reservations. They only have open bounce at certain times and it's only for an hour. Monday through Thursday it costs $7.95 plus tax per person for all ages. Saturday and Sunday it is $9.95. Admission is charged for any child under 18 years. One adult is FREE with a paying child. Children must be able to walk to play on the equipment. You can make your reservation online (Visa/MC/DISC/AMEX) or by calling the store at 636.532.5867. Your reservation must be for all bouncers under 18. Walk-ins will not be accepted if an event is full (they cap the room at 30 bouncers). Don't forget socks! ***NOTE: Online reservations require pre-payment at the time of booking. No food/drinks, cake or gifts can be brought in to an Open Bounce unless you have reserved the Party Room rental - please call for information!

At first I was annoyed because you pay almost the same price here as Monkey Joe's but you only get an hour to bounce, and I knew my kids wouldn't think that was long enough...but I now see the benefits of this place, which are:

  • It's small. You can have a seat and see the entire room unlike Monkey Joe's which is huge. No need to chase your littles around here!
  • Every bounce house is monitored by an employee. I felt like my kids were safer here than at Monkey Joe's where big kids run over them and knock them down. 
  • They cap the room at 30 kids so you know it won't ever be jam packed.
  • They make you watch a safety video before they take you into the room so everyone knows the rules.

You get the first 30 minutes in one room and then they move you to the next room. The first room had 5 inflatables in it- a big slide, one where you try to jump across 4 ball things without falling to the floor, 2 plain square inflatables, and a basketball hoop one. There is also an air hockey game in the room.

The second room had a HUGE slide-but getting to the top was very challenging. There weren't stairs but instead there were 8 levels of bungy cord type floors to climb up. The kids spent forever trying to get to the top and it was great for wearing them out.  There was also a 3D Twister game with 2 dice you threw that told you where to put your hands and feet. There was also an obstacle course and a "mountain" type one where you had to try to climb as far up as you could and then slide and roll back down. Both rooms had several Rody horses laying around.

The kids were exhausted when time was up! I felt like the place was very clean and well taken care of (I've heard a ton of horror stories about Monkey Joe's YUCK) and definitely recommend coming here.

Let's sum up all the bounce places shall we?
1.)Monkey Joe's- $9 a kid, can walk in anytime and stay as long as you like. Big and loud. Lots of arcade games to suck up your money.
2.)Bounce U- $8 a kid for a one hour session- must make reservations. Smaller and more supervised.
3.)Pump It Up- $7 a kid over 2, under 2 free. Reservations not required but recommended.  One hour
3.)Jolly Jumps- $8 a kid over 2, $5 under 2. Sessions are 2 hrs, on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Reservations recommended but not required. Smaller place that also caps the limit of kids. They average about 5 inflatables and you can see the entire room.
4.)Jump 4 fun- $7 a kid over 2, under 2 free. Sessions are 2 hrs long Tues- Fri

St. Charles- Pump It Up, Jump 4 Fun, Monkey Joes
Chesterfield- Bounce U
South County- Monkey Joes, Bounce U, Jolly Jumps
Fairview Heights- Monkey Joes

There's also Rockin Jump O'Fallon and Sky Zone which are both indoor trampoline parks if you want to get that kind of bounce on.

Watching the safety video


The main lobby has a few arcade games

TV, stools, and free wifi for the adults

Air hockey game in the first room

Second room huge slide

3D twister

Soda machines

Ball Shooter game

 See saw inflatable

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