Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Florissant Valley Park, Florissant

Location: 1 James J. Eagan Dr, Florissant MO 63033

Website: http://www.florissantmo.com/egov/apps/locations/facilities.egov?view=detail&id=20

Playground Ground Cover: Wood Chips and Sand

We went to this playground on a Sunday and there was no parking spaces open at all. And there is a TON of parking, so bear that in mind. This is a very happening place. Located in this park is the James J. Eagan Civic Center which is an indoor recreation center with a gym, an indoor pool, fitness center, ice rink, game room, rental rooms, and a movie theatre. 

There are 3 sling swings and 1 baby swing in one area, and the playground is a little ways away. 

Up the hill from the playground is this cool airplane. The plane is an F-101 "Voodoo" and was built in 1958 at McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, now Boeing, according to an information display near the aircraft. The Air Force donated it to the city of Florissant in 2004, where it has remained on display as a memorial to honor veterans from the north St. Louis County area.

There is just one play structure, and it has 3 different slides, a balance beam, a magnetic race car board, and monkey bars. There's no benches to sit on and no restroom. You could walk over to the civic center but it's not exactly close.

The civic center

The playground is circled in red. You can see the huge parking lot and the civic center at the top.

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