Friday, July 29, 2016

Museum of Transportation, Kirkwood

Location: 3015 Barrett Station Road, Kirkwood, MO 63122

Amenities: creation station play room, miniature train, handcars, antique train cars and engines, antique boat, planes, cars, gift shop, and cafe.


The Museum of Transportation has something for all age groups. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the Creation Station Learn and Play room. It has wooden train tables to play with, a kitchen area, puppets, blocks, dress up, crafts, puzzles and tons of transportation themed toys. You get an hour of play and it is VERY popular so get there early! They will not sell tickets to anyone who isn't physically there and I've been turned away many times because they were full.

The miniature train and Handcar Village are sure to be favorites for everyone in the family. The train makes 2 loops passed old trains waiting for renovation, over a bridge, and by a pond and airplane. Be sure to count the dog bones you see! The engineer will explain who Owney is and his significance to the American mail system. Handcar Village opened in 2015. Kids can go 2 at a time and anyone under 53" can ride.

When you first enter there is a model train in the lobby and various antique vehicles that change periodically.

 Also in this building is Creation Station, the cafe, and the gift shop.

Barrett's Landing Cafe:
They do not allow outside food in the cafe, but they sell a nice variety of snacks and drinks and if you bring your own food you can eat it outside. They also have a train table here and some old airplane seats.

 If you need any kind of transportation themed gift or toy this is a great place to shop. They have this wall in the cafe in addition to the gift shop.

Creation Station:

Dress up area

They have a craft at every session. This time it was making an ice cream truck

When you exit this building you'll come upon the train and the handcar area, or you can venture up the hill to the antique train and car area. The building that houses the antique cars is air conditioned which is refreshing after the uphill walk on a hot summer day.

Miniature Train Ride:


Antique Trains:

Preschoolers and school-aged children will enjoy seeing the antique train cars and engines up close, and even going inside some of them - like a tanker car and sleeping cars (my favorite is the snow plow engine!). You can push a stroller thru the park, but you can't go inside the trains with a stroller, and in many places you must walk out of your way to get to ramps. I pushed an umbrella stroller which kept getting stuck when going over the train tracks, so if you do decide to push a stroller, pick a more substantial one to make getting around easier.

You can now ride this Amtrak looking car. They are working on expanding the track also. They've made significant progress since last year. It's not air conditioned but my kids always enjoy the ride. Volunteers talk about the history of the car and the museum while you ride.

 Inside the car

Ringing the bell!

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