Sunday, August 21, 2016

Canterway Park, Overland

Location: 10400 Canterway Dr, Overland MO


Playground Ground Cover: Poured Rubber

This playground is amazing! It has been newly renovated and has some very neat features. My kids loved the zipline! It's a full body one, not like the usual ones you hang from. And there is a boat that rocks also. The entire playground is all inclusive for all abilities too! It was very clean and welcoming. I just wish they had restrooms.

There is an adaptive swing, a baby swing, and 2 sling swings. 

The play structure for little guys has an interesting modified rock wall, a couple slides, and a treasure tumbler. There is also a pretend storefront, and a speaker system.

There is also a tunnel and some drums. 

The larger play structure has ramps, slides, the rocking boat, drums, activity window, steering wheel,
musical board, and tons of bars and poles.


Other end of zipline

Activity board and steering wheel

You stand in this and it spins around

The zipline

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