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Six Flags, Eureka

Location: 4900 Six Flags Rd, Eureka, MO 63025

Website: https://www.sixflags.com/stlouis

We all know Six Flags is great for tweens and teens, but if you have little guys what can they do there? Well I will break it down for you now!

Kid Rides:

1.)Bugs Bunny Fort Fun- a huge play structure. Must be 42" to go down the slides. There is a person inside who will measure the kids. There are several slides, chain climbers, bars, poles, bridges, mesh floors to walk over, and more.

2.)Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots- Airplanes that go in a circle. If you push your propeller forward you will go up in the air a bit.

3.)Daffy Duck Stars on parade- Gentle swings

4.)Elmer Fudd Weather Balloons- This seats 4 people and you do spin around and go up in the air. Probably one of the scarier rides.

5.)Marvin The Martian Camp Invasion- This is a rocket looking ride that goes up in the air in a circular motion.

6.)Taz Twisters- Tea cups that spin. Must be 36" to ride this one.

7.)Tweety's Twee House- This is a bouncing tower lift that raises you straight up and drops you down.

8.)Yosemite Sam Tugboat Tailspin- A boat that zigs and zags back and forth.

9.)Foghorn Leghorn Train- Very slow and just goes around in a circle. Not scary at all.

Also in Bugs Bunny National Park is the splash pad.

Family Rides:

1.)The Train- There are only 2 stops on the Tommy G. Robinson Railroad, one at the front of the park and one at Bug Bunny National Park, but it's still fun and relaxing to go all the way around Six Flags on the steam engine. You can even ride in the caboose.

2.)Colossus- The 18 story Ferris wheel offers you great views of the park and a nice breeze.

3.)Grand Ole Carousel- You can ride on one of 68 horses or sit on one of 2 chariot benches.

4.)Log Flume- A classic!

5.)Moon Antique Cars- Named after the car company based here in St. Louis this car seats 4 and the littles will enjoy driving it!

6.)Thunder River- Must be 36" with an adult. It's a white water rafting experience and you will get wet.

7.)Tidal Wave- Must be 36" with an adult. Drop over a 5 story waterfall into 300,000 gallons of water.

8.)Tsunami Soaker- Must be 36" with an adult. Riders sit in circular tubs and spray each other with water canons while turning and spinning in a circle. Passersby can also shoot you and are encouraged to do so! You're like a sitting duck while people spray you and you can't hide. We didn't like it at all.

9.)Shazam- Must be 36" with adult. A Scrambler ride

10.)Justice League- Battle For Metropolis- Must be 42" with adult. This is a 4D interactive dark ride. It's inside and air conditioned so that's a bonus! You get to sit and shoot lasers at bad guys.

Images from themeparks.about.com

11.)The Joker- Formerly the Buccaneer, this ship swings back and forth almost to the point where you think you're gonna go upside down. It definitely makes your tummy do flip flops!

12.)Speed O'Drome Go-Karts- Must be 42" to ride with an adult, or 48" to drive yourself. There is an extra fee required, $5 per person. 1000 ft long speedway.

photo from sixflags.com/stlouis

13.)Dragon's Wing- Must be 42" and reserve in advance. There is an extra fee for this. It's a 15 story free fall bungee jump.

photo from sixflags.com/stlouis

14.)River King Mine Train- Must be 42" with an adult. This was the first roller coaster built in this park, and the end is really fun! It's really like a baby roller coaster.

Images from negativeg.com

14.)Pandemonium- Must be 42" with an adult. 4 people sit in a car that spins 360 degrees around and around the track. It's intense!

15.)Highland Fling- Must be 42" with an adult. This spins around and around until you're spinning upside down. It starts out horizontally and the arm rises up until you're spinning vertically. It's crazy fun!


16.)Screamin' Eagle- Must be 42" with an adult. This is a huge roller coaster that has 10 story drops and goes 62 miles an hour.

Lastly we have the water park, Hurricane Harbor. Entrance is included with your admission to Six Flags. There are several different areas, but the most popular one for the littles is called Hook's Lagoon. Its a huge interactive play area that includes a pirate ship and a large play structure with 4 different slides that range in height. Only kids under 54" can play here. Max 48" on the pirate slides, and min 42" for the bigger slides.

 The bucket pours out every few minutes

Gulley Washer Creek is the lazy river. An inner tube is required and they'll hand you one when you are next in line.

Hurricane Bay is the wave pool. You can recognize it because of the 'volcano'.

They clear the pool out for 10 minutes every hour for a safety check. Small kids should definitely wear a life vest or puddle jumper in here. It gets pretty deep and the waves are strong. The water in here is warmer than at the kiddie area so my kids like swimming here. The waves start out strong and you are signaled that they're starting by a loud buzzer. They get weaker as time goes on and then they start over again.

Big Kahuna is a 5 story raft ride. Must be 42" or taller and raft is provided.

Wahoo racer is a 6 lane triple drop slide. Must be 42" with adult. It's 262 ft long and you go 35 miles an hour!

So that's everything that little kids can do here. It's easily enough to last all day. My daughter turned 4 in May and was able to do all these things with me this summer. We had a blast!

The big thrill rides include:
1.)American Thunder- 2,700 ft long wooden coaster.
2.)Batman- Inverted looping steel coaster.
3.)Ninja- Looping steel coaster.
4.)Mr. Freeze- Linear induction, reversing steel coaster.
5.)The Boss- 5,051 ft long wooden coaster.
6.)Fireball- This is a coaster loop that just goes in a circle several times.
7.)Xcalibur- Spins upside down 113 ft in the air.
8.)Boomerang- Launch head over heels 6 times forward and backward steel coaster.
9.)Skyscreamer- 236 ft swing ride at 43 mph.
10.)Superman Tower of Power- Freefall from 230 ft.

In Hurricane Harbor:
1.)Bonzai Pipeline- Twin 290 ft looping slides with launching capsules.
2.)Speed Slides- 2 high speed body slides
3.)Tornado- 132' funnel slide. Rafts provided.
4.)Tube slides- 4 400 ft slides, tube required.

Map of Hurricane Harbor from Google Maps

Six Flags is hella expensive, so we did the Labor Day Flash Sale last year. You get a gold membership which includes free parking every visit and we paid about $55 per person for the 3 of us. We got in the rest of last year and all of this year with that. It's normally $63.99 per person to get in, and parking is $20! So for me and my 2 kids to go ONE TIME it would cost $212. That's insane. Our season passes cost us about $55 per person if I recall correctly so we spent $165 for our 3 gold passes. Such a great deal! Keep an eye out for that deal it's coming up!

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