Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Webster Park, St. Charles

Location: 2201 S. River Rd, St. Charles, MO 63303


Playground Ground Cover: Rubber mats

  • 22 Acres
  • Shelter
  • Playground Area
  • Webster Community Building
  • Scenic View/Nature Setting
  • Trails
  • Restrooms are open year round.

This playground opened in 2013 and is really amazing. This would be an good location for a party because of the nice new bathrooms, enclosed party space, and proximity to the playground.

The community building has bathrooms, an indoor capacity of 75 people and a 3,000-square-foot outdoor patio with a large fire pit. 

The small play structure is nature themed with tree stump "stepping stones" a frog ramp, a small bridge, 2 small slides, a small hollow log tunnel, and a steering wheel.

 There is a xylophone and a spinning thing as well.

 2 spinning seats

Under the large play structure there are 2 more spinning seats, a sign language board, a drum, and a musical keyboard.

 2 sling swings, a baby swing, and an adaptive swing

 Log climbing wall

 The large play structure has a couple different slides and is designed to look like a tree house

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