Monday, October 3, 2016

McNair Park, St. Charles

Location: 3100 Droste Rd., St. Charles, MO 63301


Playground Ground Cover: Wood chips and rubber mats

There are 2 playgrounds in this park, one in each section of the park. McNair is divided into two sections by a creek and surrounding woodland area. The smaller section north of the creek is the “Day Camp” area of the park, and the larger south section is the “Main Area.” Both sides provide a mix of passive and active recreation and area connection by the parks internal loop trail system which also connects the park to surrounding neighborhoods.

The Main Area (east) amenities located in this section of the park include four ball fields with seasonal overlay football, the pool, three tennis courts, concessions, playground, several large open lawn areas and restrooms. A unique amenity to McNair Park is the Braille Trail and garden located at the southwest corner of the park.

The Day Camp Area (west) amenities include a large shelter with concessions and restrooms, two ball fields with seasonal soccer overlays, one soccer field, four tennis courts, sand volleyball court, playground and two smaller shelters around the playground.

This playground is the Day Camp Area (west) playground.

There are 2 sling swings and 2 baby swings

There is a metal dome climber and 3 rocking horses

Restroom building

This is the main playground (east). It has rubber mat surfacing, 2 saucer swings, a moveable balance beam, a musical instrument board, and a large play structure for lots of active play.

Basketball courts adjacent to the playground

There is a couple 'rock' type walls, stepping stones, tons of bars and poles, and a chain climber.

Musical instruments

Spinning log

We were there in the fall after the pool had closed for the year. We'll have to come back next summer and check it out

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