Monday, November 28, 2016

Holidays in the Park, Six Flags Eureka

Location: 4900 Six Flags Rd, Eureka, MO 63025


This is the fist time Six Flags has ever opened for the Christmas holiday. Usually they shut down after Halloween Fright Fest. I went Friday with my daughter and enjoyed it. Here's the low down: The park is decorated with lots of lights and photo ops. The main things they are offering that are new and different for the holidays are new food offerings, entertainment, and attractions. Otherwise it's just Six Flags in the cold with lights!

This is the list of rides but pandemonium was supposed to be running and it wasn't when we were there. That may happen depending on weather. Better to be safe than sorry!

We didn't visit the fudgery, we have a food pass and don't like to spend any money there. They have tons of things there that they want you to buy but they won't get my money ha! Kringles Kottage was cute, Mrs. Claus was really fun with my daughter and this photo is now one of my all time favorites! Everything they had in there cost extra except story time. They had little gingerbread cookies you could decorate and I think they were charging $3.99. You could do that at home for so much cheaper. I didn't see the prices on the other things though. 

We didn't go into the North Pole Store because it's just stuff for sale that we didn't care to buy. We didn't go in Santa's House either because the line was really long and it's just for getting your photo taken with Santa. We didn't go to S'Mores Galore either because we don't care for s'mores.

Writing a letter to Santa. Beware they try to sell you trips to Branson in there!

We saw almost all of the entertainment. The characters of Christmas were walking around and we got photos with several of them. We didn't see the Holiday Harmonies (Dickens' style carolers). We saw the Magic of Christmas light show in front of the palace and it was neat. The trees do a great show accompanied to fun songs and it's a good length of time. Right after that we went inside the palace for the Majesty of Christmas show. It was a live nativity and my daughter loved the animals! Mary rode in on a donkey, they had sheep, and a wise man came in on a camel. The acting was very cheesy, super dramatic, and it was extremely loud. The flyer says "an angel will fly over the stable" but he didn't, he just was lowered down and then raised back up.  It was still cool but I wish they didn't exaggerate the truth. We never saw the Tinsletones at the Empire theatre, we were tired and just didn't really have a desire to see singing.

The photo ops scattered around the park are really cute.

 As far as food goes like I said we have a food pass and had no interest in buying a refillable hot cocoa cup because my kids don't drink it. They're offering turkey legs with cranberry sauce, cinnamon pretzels, spiced cider, and cinnamon on funnel cakes. If you pick up a flyer when you come in it will tell you where all the food is being sold because not every restaurant is open. 

Probably the coolest thing was riding the Colossus so we could see the lights from up high. You could barely see Santa's Magical Kingdom next door too! 

If you have season passes I would check it out! Bundle up though! They have heaters spread out around the park but they were totally crowded and we didn't want to wait for one to open up because we wanted to ride the rides and see the shows.  Hope this helps you out if you want to go!

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