Friday, June 9, 2017

Sunset Hills Aquatic Facility, Sunset Hills

Location:  12512 W. Watson, St. Louis, MO 63127


Amenities: ADA Accessible, bleacher seats, competition pool, concession stand, diving boards, lazy river, water table, and leisure pool.

You can see from this overhead image that there are 2 areas, the deep competition pool and the lazy river/ kid area. This pool is shallower and has 2 whirlpools which you can see as the circles across from each other. The one on the left has buckets that spill over every few seconds and there are pop jets and zero entry kid friendly areas over here. They also have a water table for toddlers with tons of rubber duckies and plastic animals!

I've never seen this at a pool before! 

The competition pool with bleacher seats and 2 diving boards

The night I was here was was a special event called Family Dinner and Concert Night. They had a band playing here and some food trucks. They opened the pool up to the public at $4 per person. Normally they don't allow non residents in, and they don't do a tot time, so I recommend coming here for this event! They have a few more happening over the summer.

Entrance building where the locker rooms and concession stand are located.

 lazy river

Such a great pool! We really enjoyed it.

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