Friday, July 7, 2017

Veterans Memorial Park, Union

Location: 18-98 Progress Pkwy, Union, MO 63084


Playground Ground Cover: Wood chips and Poured Rubber

Amenities: several playgrounds, baseball, softball, football, soccer and t-ball fields, family shelters, picnic areas, a fishing lake and a 1 mile loop walking trail.  In addition, a splash park is open seasonally.

First of all don't blow this off because it's in Union. This park is a destination park and is totally worth the drive. I live in Eureka and it only took 29 minutes to get there. From Chesterfield Mall it's 38 minutes, and from South County Center it's 38 minutes.

This park is a 43.8 acre multi-use park located off of Progress Parkway in east Union and it just opened in Spring 2017.

In my opinion, the splash pad is the best I've ever seen so I'm starting with that.

It's completely enclosed by a fence and has a huge variety of sprayers, buckets that drop water, water cannons, and more. It's concrete so it's not slippery like the surface at Millennium park, and it's bright and colorful. I love that it's fenced in and the bathrooms are right there and are brand spanking new and clean with a big pavilion as well. It's basically everything you could ever want in a splash pad.

There is plenty of seating because they made this stone ledge that goes all the way around the splashpad and the parking lot is real close with tons of parking.

As if that's not enough there are also 2 amazing playgrounds in the park. The first one you come to has a poured rubber surface.

There is a teeter totter that seats 4, a small playstructure with rolly slide and another slide and small rock wall, a modified merry go round, a saucer swing, and 2 baby swings.

The big attraction though are the 2 zip lines. One is a standard one and one is an adaptive one where you can sit down. The tracks are side by side and SUPER long. 

The large playstructure has this cool climbing wall that bends, tons of cool bars and poles and climbing things, spring steps, a hammock, and slides.


There is another playground further back in the park closer to the splashpad. This one has wood chips.

It has 2 playstructures and the highlight of the smaller one is the boat that rocks. 

The larger one has a ton of activities. Climbing things, drums, tunnel, slides, a bridge, and more.

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