Sunday, June 17, 2018

White Birch Bay Aquatic Center, Hazelwood

Location: 1186 Teson Rd., Hazelwood, MO 63042     314-731-0980


Amenities: The amenities offered at Hazelwood’s White Birch Bay Aquatic Center are second to none when compared to other municipal water parks. Not many places can boast about having two lightning fast water slides, one for tubing and the other for body surfing. The facility also has a one-of-a-kind, 360 degree bubble slide that kids can climb and bounce off into the water. In addition, it provides a 600-ft. lazy river that generates waves, a giant bucket that dumps hundreds of gallons of water over a colorful play structure, and a little tot wave pool with spray features and a shark slide. For those who like to lap swim and dive into the pool, the Aquatic Center has a 25-meter competition pool, known as the “Shark Tank” which has two diving boards. Plus, the facility has a full-service concession stand that serves hot food, cold treats and refreshing beverages.

The pool is open 12-7 daily.

Current 2018 pricing 
DAILY ADMISSION:ResidentNon-Resident
Child, 3 & UnderFreeFree
Child, Ages 4-15$5.00$10.00
Senior Citizens, 55 & Over$5.00$12.00
Adult, Ages 16 & Over$6.00$12.00

This pool was amazing. It was $22 for me and my daughter to swim and we enjoyed every minute of it. Mostly because this place is so unique. I've been to almost every pool in town and I've never seen this bubble slide before! Or a tiny tot wave pool! There was zero entry areas all over and pop jets galore. The lazy river requires you to be in an inner tube and it was very relaxing. Unfortunately my daughter was too short to go down the big slides (you have to be 48"). She was bummed cause they looked amazing!

This is the tiny tot wave pool. How pretty is it with the waterfall! 
It wasn't very deep and the waves made you feel like you were in the ocean. 

Regular kids area very similar to the ones at other area pools.

Unique shark slide

Lazy river


Bubble slide! You climb up it like a rock wall and then jump and bounce off it into the water!

The shark tank deep pool with diving boards

Photo credit to their website

 Speed slides

We really enjoyed this pool. The only negative thing I encountered was the concession stand. The line was so long, it took about 30 minutes to place my order, and they were already out of a ton of things. My daughter wanted a pretzel with cheese and it was only 2:00 and they were already out.  Besides that though it was great! The facility was very fun and different and we had a blast!

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