Friday, October 30, 2015

Kirkwood Early Childhood Center Discovery Room, Kirkwood

(photo from their facebook page)

Location: 100 N. Sappington Rd, Kirkwood MO 63122


This is kind of a hidden gem in town. When I mention it most people have never heard of it. For the longest time they had no website and you couldn't find any info online about it. I try to tell everyone I know with littles to go there because it is just so awesome. Basically it's a big cheery room full of toys. It's for kids aged birth to 5. It's run by Parents as Teachers and they only take checks. No cash, no credit cards-just checks. It's $5 a child or max $8 per family for 2 hours of play (9:30-11:30). It's open to everyone no matter where you live. It's a great inexpensive option to have for indoor play on a hot, cold, or rainy day. You can always come late or leave early, or take advantage of the entire 2 hours. What I loved about it was that it was small enough that you could see your child from any vantage point, kind of like the Frisco Train Store. You can sit and relax and not have to chase your child around like at the science center or zoo. I also loved it because my kids got to play with lots of different toys so I could see what they liked before I wasted money on a toy that they had no interest in. There is always a PAT Educator there to supervising things, and they're a great resource if you have questions about your child. We used to go a lot when my son was little and we couldn't get into the parents as teachers program. We lived in the city at the time and when I inquired they said they were only taking kids that had severe developmental issues because of cut backs. So it was nice to talk to them if I had questions about his behavior.

They have sensory tubes for littles full of bells and sparkly things. They have puzzles. They have a train table. They have trucks and cars. They have a kitchen area. They have a felt board with velcro objects to attach. They have a bunch of dolls and things to push. They have a slide and climber. They have a craft table set up with different  messy play things on different days- paint, play doh, markers, etc. They have sensory bins that they rotate with different materials- dyed noodles- beans- balls, etc. They have musical instruments. They have a ball pit. They have blocks. They have sorting games. They have bead mazes. They have a dress up area. They have a loft area. THEY HAVE IT ALL. There's nothing else in town that offers this much play time for this cheap except Toy Tyme. The discovery room at the science center and the zoo are similar to this but they're only 45 mins.

To get there go to the KECC and they'll buzz you in. Ask the office where the room is and they'll direct you. It's at the end of the hall to the left. They change days every semester, so call them before you go to make sure they're open. Right now they are offering Tues, Thurs, and Fri mornings.

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