Saturday, November 6, 2021

Sugar Creek Park, Des Peres

Location: 435 Des Peres Rd., Des Peres, MO 63131

Amenities: Playground, picnic shelter, trail, restrooms, spray fountains, ball fields


Playground ground cover: Poured Rubber

This playground was installed early in 2012 at Sugar Creek Park. It has a nature theme and has a slide built into the hillside. There are faux stumps, branches, and rocks to climb and balance on, as well as ropes to add to the fun. Adjacent to the nature playground there is a swing set with 2 sling swings, an adaptive swing, a baby swing. There is also a spray pole and access to a creek. Unfortunately, there is no shade and it is extremely hot during the afternoon hours.

Newer spray pole


Hidden Mickey?

Covered pavilion right next to the playground

Restroom and drinking fountain next to the playground


  1. This is the park nearest my home, and it's a disappointment. I preferred the prior set up. The dark concrete of the faux caves and logs gets really hot if the temp is north of 80 F. Trees and shade would be a vast improvement.

    Also, I recently started to read your blog - and I think you do a fine job of collecting data and observations about parks. More of a realistic view for us moms than the city/county websites. So THANK YOU for that.

    Also, website trolls are the ones with truly too much time on their hands.

  2. They have updated the slide area with molded rubber mulching. It's pretty cool. I have a photo I was going to post but I don't see a way. I can email it to you to add if you like.


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