Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A.B. Green Athletic Complex, Richmond Heights

Location: 1308 Laclede Station Rd at Dale Ave, Richmond Heights, MO 63117


Playground Ground Cover: Rubber Chips

There's no signage to date. The park includes two basketball courts, two tennis courts, playground, restrooms, pavilion, and a lighted multipurpose soccer / baseball / softball field. The complex is being renovated right now. This first building houses the restrooms/comfort station/concession stand but they are not open yet. There are 2 play structures and they are fenced in. The smaller one has a general store window, steering wheel, slides, and a bridge. The larger structure has a spider web climber, rock wall, bridge, slides, and lots of poles and bars.

Basketball courts adjacent to the playground and the restrooms beyond that. Fields off to the left.


  1. Hi Angie
    (I hope you check this!)
    I work for the City of Richmond Heights and we love this blog on our park. We did notice that the website is incorrect linking to the park. Can you update it to the link below please?

  2. I saw it, and fixed it! THanks for the support!