Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A.B. Green Athletic Complex, Richmond Heights

Location: 1308 Laclede Station Rd at Dale Ave, Richmond Heights, MO 63117


Playground Ground Cover: Rubber Chips

There's no signage to date. The park includes two basketball courts, two tennis courts, playground, restrooms, pavilion, and a lighted multipurpose soccer / baseball / softball field. The complex is being renovated right now. This first building houses the restrooms/comfort station/concession stand but they are not open yet. There are 2 play structures and they are fenced in. The smaller one has a general store window, steering wheel, slides, and a bridge. The larger structure has a spider web climber, rock wall, bridge, slides, and lots of poles and bars.

Basketball courts adjacent to the playground and the restrooms beyond that. Fields off to the left.

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