Sunday, June 24, 2018

Mort Jacobs Park, Overland

Location: 2855 Krem Ave., Overland, MO 63114


Playground Ground Cover: poured rubber

This park is amazing. It's new and quiet and pretty and has everything, even a creek. It was redone in Dec 2017 and includes 2 play structures, musical equipment, modified merry go round, boulders and logs to climb, and a large spiderweb climber.


 The large play structure is 3 stories tall so probably not the best for toddlers.

 There is a baby swing, an adaptive swing, and 4 sling swings

The small play structure has drums, a steering wheel, tic tac toe board, and a slide

Restroom building and pavilion near by

 The creek is down that path

 modified merry go round and log to balance on

This playground was not busy when we visited and the neighborhood is quiet and cute. This is definitely a great park to play in!

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