Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Turtle Playground, St. Louis City

Location: Oakland and Tamm Aves, just across Highway 40 from the zoo 63139


Playground ground cover: dirt and grass

From the parking lot, one side of the park contains some old swing sets and jungle gyms, and the other side contains huge, concrete turtles and snakes that kids can climb and play on. The turtle part of the park is worth a trip, the playground, not so much.

Turtle playground features giant concrete turtles of varying sizes, as well as baby turtles hatching from eggs and a snake eating the highway overpass. The turtles are the work of local sculptor and artist, the late Bob Cassilly (who also founded and designed the City Museum). Much to my surprise, the photo below shows how close my toddler would get to the turtles - not very close at all! Older kids however seem to love this play area. When we returned when my daughter was 3.5 she loved the turtles and keeps asking to return and play some more! It's a very unique addition to St. Louis.

Kids love to slide down this guy

On the playground side, there are 6 baby swings and 11 sling swings. The ground beneath the swings has a few remnants of wood chips, but it's mostly dirt. There are 2 jungle gyms, also with only dirt beneath. The park has a bathroom building, but it has been permanently closed.

Only bad thing is that the park is situated adjacent to hwy 40, which makes for loud highway noise in the background.

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