Sunday, November 7, 2021

Turtle Playground & Oakland Playground, St. Louis City

Location: Oakland and Tamm Aves, just across Highway 40 from the zoo, 63139


Playground ground cover: Woodchips and grass

Turtle playground features giant concrete turtles of varying sizes, as well as baby turtles hatching from eggs and a snake eating the highway overpass. The turtles are the work of local sculptor and artist, the late Bob Cassilly (who also founded and designed the City Museum). Older kids love this play area, it's not the best choice for toddlers. It's a very unique addition to St. Louis. The old playground adjacent to turtle park was replaced in 2021 and it is very toddler-friendly! It's on the other side of the parking lot from these concrete turtles and has a new name of Oakland Park. 

Kids love to slide down this guy

One negative is that the park is adjacent to Hwy 40, which makes for loud highway noise in the background if you have kids with sensory issues. 

Restroom building

4 baby swings

Nice nod to the Turtles with this wooden version!

5 sling swings and 1 adaptive swing

I would watch your little ones here, it's not completely enclosed and this is next to a busy street. 

Rolley slide

The restrooms are older and kind of gross but functional.

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