Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Route 66 State Park, Eureka

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Location:  97 North Outer Road, Eureka, MO 63025

Amenities: playground, trails, restrooms, visitor center


Playground ground cover: wood chips

Route 66 State Park has a neat visitor center (you get off at the exit before the park for the visitor center - there's an old Route 66 bridge that used to connect the two halves but it was decommissioned due to deteriorating conditions. On the park side, there are lots of flat trails for hiking and biking, most are in the sun though (just something to keep in mind). There is a small playground with a couple slides and a swing set with 2 sling swings and 2 baby swings. The park has a trail that connects to Kircher Park in Eureka. I thought the restrooms near the playground would be outhouses because they were set off on their own at the edge of the woods but they were actually flushing toilets. There were no trash cans in the bathroom though.

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